Center for Reproductive Medicine: Before and After

Case Study #220

"Our site doesn't reflect who we are. To be honest, it doesn't reflect anything at all. Can you help us?"


The Center for Reproductive Medicine turned to Pen Publishing Interactive, expecting help refreshing their website. What they didn’t expect were Pen-led marketing sessions to reveal not only their true brand personality, but their unique Point of Difference. The result is a website they’re not just proud of, but truly reflects who they are – and what that means to their clients.


  • No "lead story" or content hierarchy
  • Home Page is a little early to talk financing
  • Body copy just keeps going, assuming reader's interested


...and After

(Click on image to see new site!)


  • Soft, relaxed design comfortably welcomes you
  • Rotator ad extols Clinic virtues (e.g. affordability)
  • Multiple entry points (including easy doctor access) no matter what your situation or need
  • Mobile friendly lets people find you on the go

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