Bank Web Design Sample - Wichita, KS

Case Study #85

Introducing the completely overhauled Citizens Bank of Kansas web site


When CBK called on Pen Publishing Interactive, they wanted more than just an attractive new home page.They wanted a strategic partner that would (and prefers to) roll up their sleeves and make the online presence align with the Bank's core business objectives (something most tech-only shops can't fathom, let alone deliver).

Well, we listened. Working with CBK's Strategic Marketing Officer, the new web site's product/service hierarchy and "customer paths" reach out and invite the visitor to find their way, and at their pace. Continuous monitoring of Analytics will allow the Bank to optimize their site's performance.


  • Bank industry template an immediate letdown
  • Why allow visitors to change your color scheme?
  • No visual reason to have interest, let alone stay


...and After

(Click on image to see new site!)


  • Dominant visual stops and embraces
  • Rotating ad slider promotes timely messages
  • Graphics exude flavor and tone of brand
  • Format allows product/service cross promotion
  • Online banking login & search easy to find

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