Dentist Web Design Sample - Before and After

Case Study #278

"Our practice is smart and simple. Our web site should feel that way, too."


Hats off to Smart Teeth, as we couldn't agree more. A critical touch point for customers looking for a friendly, affordable alternative,it's imperative that the site reflect the ease and simplicity of the Smart Teeth brand.



  • Airy design is OK, but the overall content is "airy," too
  • Menu was confusing; most led to the same destination.
  • Felt more like a Groupon ad than a web site


...and After

(Click on image to see new site!)


  • Soft, open feel was retained, but expanded
  • Home page now enables quick scanning for easy clicking
  • Drill-in content developed to elaborate, not gloss over
  • Ads rotate to cross-promote pages and support current offers

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