Young Electric Web Design - Before and After

Case Study #72

When all else fails, turn to someone you already know (and, who already knows you)


Young Electric was thoroughly frustrated and completely discouraged by their web site. Having first tried a vendor that failed miserably, then giving it a shot in-house, YE president John Young decided to turn to an existing relationship to get the site pointing in the right direction.

Enter Pen Publishing Interactive. By first conducting a Brand Audit (a small series of Discovery, or insight meetings, which serve as the groundwork for the communication strategy), our team was able to reveal the true brand nugget (safety) and elaborate on the areas where YE excels (e.g. industrial controls & automation).

The result? See the Before-and-After, as well as the customer letter (both below). Then, perhaps we can do the same for your brand.


  • No design, just generic stock photography
  • Predictable copy could be any electric company, anywhere
  • No Search Engine Optimization – at all
  • Broken links and barren landing pages


...and After

(Click on image to see new site!)


  • Crisp, clear, inviting design
  • Intuitive, user-friendly navigation lets people find what they want – and fast
  • Copy makes high-tech topics approachable
  • SEO copywriting for relevant user content
  • Excellent experience on mobile devices


August 19, 2013
TO: Pen Publishing Interactive 
FROM: John Young, President 
I gladly offer the following: 

After previously getting burned by a very shoddy web developer, and then taking a stab at it in house, Young Electric was in need of some real expertise to achieve the web presence that we desperately wanted to project. Somewhat surprisingly, we realized we had that expertise within Pen Publishing who was hosting our site.  
PPI's owner, Steve Pendergraft, sent their marketing team to discuss what we wanted to achieve with our website. Unusual for most marketing people, Pen spent more time listening than talking. In my opinion, that's the difference that sets PPI apart; they take the time and put in the effort to really understand your business. After a few sessions of getting an understanding of our business and our objectives, the Pen team went to work to create a visually pleasing and information rich website. 
"Search Engine Optimization" techniques were an integral part of the design as well as developing a "mobile app" for the increasing number of smart phone users. Everything promised was delivered and we are very pleased with the result. Young Electric will  continue to rely on PPI to host and maintain our website.  
John Young, President

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