Business Class Email Management and Support

Anti-Virus Scanning

Anti-virus Scanning checks incoming and outgoing email for viruses. If a virus is detected, our service will email the recipient or sender which has encountered a virus.

Advanced Spam Filtering

Ready to junk your junk mail? Now you can with Pen Publishing Interactive’s Advanced Spam Filtering services.

Relay Services

Does your organization already have an email server? Does it filter spam and viruses? Does it protect your system against dictionary attacks? You may want to look into our email Relay Services.

Web Mail

All Pen Publishing email accounts come with our cutting-edge Web Mail service. Click here to find out more about this incredible service.


Our Partner ZixCorp, has distinguished their email encryption services from other solutions by focusing on both the sender and receiver experience. ZixCorp has built a trusted reputation with the nation’s most influential institutions with our easy-to-use, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture, and we leverage the ZixCorp Best Method of Delivery, the ZixData Center and the world’s largest email encryption community - ZixDirectory - to deliver a solution that fits your needs and the needs of your customers and partners.