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Spam and Junk Email Cost Your Business Time and Money

Stop Spam

Junk email arriving everyday? All the latest ads trying to sell your employees miracle weight cures, get rich quick schemes and links to pornographic web sites? Junk mail is now estimated to consume almost 75% of all email traffic. This junk mail adds up to be 10 out of every 13 messages which fills your employee’s email boxes, wastes their time, lowers productivity and costs your company money. How would you like to decrease that junk? You can with Pen Publishing Interactive’s Advanced Spam Filtering.

Our new service can filter your email and block over 90% of spam messages. The filters feature advance adaptive technology to separate unsolicited junk mail from your accounts.

Our Managed Spam Filtering allows you to control the spam filter at the domain name level or a the user level. Spam Filtering will automatically identifying which of your incoming email messages are spam and which are not, and “tag" the emails that are spam. The spam filter tag spam based on a three level scoring system, Low, medium, and High. You can set the spam filter to manage the spam differently based on the spam score. Low spam can be sent to your in box, medium spam can be places in a junk folder and High spam can be deleted.

Managed Spam Filtering allows you to build white lists and black lists of specific email addresses so that certain messages are automatically approved and others are automatically rejected. Set the filter to be more or less aggressive to suit your needs.

With just a phone call, you can set up Advanced Spam Filtering and see results the following day. For a low monthly cost of $10 per 10 email accounts.

Stop Spam

Advantages to Using Our Spam Filters

  • Filters stop over 90% of spam
  • Increase productivity with less employee distraction
  • Easy setup
  • Low cost - $10 per 10 accounts
  • Get results the very next day

For more information contact or call (316) 651-0551 and ask for Managed Anti-Spam Service Today.

Getting the header properties are most import in the aid of tracking email problems and SPAM.
White listing a spam or blocked legitimate email allows these messages to pass through to your email box.
spam messages that get through the initial phase of Spam Filter Manager are added to a "Black List" that blocks these spam