Webmail and Online Email Access

Pen Publishing Webmail Features

Web MailWith notification schedules, tasks, and recurrence rules, Pen Publishing webmail can completely replace your desktop calendaring solution. Pen Publishing webmail is available with the following features:

Personal Calendar and Task Lists
Webmail Calendar

Rich text editing
Webmail Rich Text Editing

Preview Message Window
Webamil Preview

  • Domain Contact Lists
  • Shared Contacts
    Allows you to share contact with other users of your domain through webmail.
  • Shared Calendars
    Allows you to share calendars with other users of your domain through webmail.
  • Shared Email Folders
    Allows you to share email folders with other users of your domain through webmail.
  • Shared Task Lists
    Allows you to share task lists with other users of your domain through webmail.
  • RSS, RDF, and Atom feed integration
    Pen Publishing webmail interface contains a sophisticated news feed agregator. Using the RSS tree on the sidebar, you can add feeds to keep an eye on your favorite news feeds and blog posts. Bolds the feed name to indicate that new articles are available for viewing. Downloads feeds in the background and shares feed information between users that connect to common feeds.
  • Folder Auto-Clean
    Folder Auto-Clean is a method for limiting how much of your account disk space is used by the Junk Email, Sent Items, and Deleted Items folders. By placing limits on the size of these folders, you can help ensure that your account does not fill up unnecessarily. Messages are deleted from the folders in the order that they were received so that older messages get deleted first.
  • Import and Export Contacts
    Contacts are downloaded as a zip file containing vCard files. These files can be imported into Outlook or back into another Pen Publishing account using Import Contacts. To import contacts into Outlook, just drag one or more vCard files into your contact list in Outlook and confirm each one by clicking on Save and Close for each one. Pen Publishing webmail supports importing contacts from two different types of files: vCards (VCF) and comma-separated text files (CSV).
  • Personal Address Book
  • Save Items as Drafts
  • Configure Sub Folders
  • Auto Signature
  • Mailbox Forwarding and Aliasing
  • HTML Email Compatible