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Secured Email

Our partner, ZixCorp, has distinguish their email encryption services from other solutions 

With our easy-to-use, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture, we leverage the ZixCorp Best Method of Delivery: the ZixData Center and the world’s largest email encryption community.by focusing on both the sender and receiver experience. ZixCorp has a trusted reputation with the nation’s most influential institutions.

The ZixDirectory delivers a solution that fits your needs and the needs of your customers and partners.

A Conventional Approach to Email Encryption

Zix Directory  Conventional Keys

The Next Generation from ZixCorp

Zix Directory  Next Generation Keys


How It Works

ZixCorp Email Encryption Services are purchased on the sender side only. Companies and organizations can protect their outbound email through ZixGateway or ZixMail. ZixGateway is a content-aware, policy-based email encryption appliance that automatically scans emails for sensitive information. ZixMail is an easy-to-use desktop email encryption solution that lets users encrypt and decrypt emails and attachments with a single click.

ZixCorp  Best Method of Delivery

Convenience for Your Recipients

If your recipients have ZixGateway, emails are automatically decrypted at the perimeter of the network, and emails are received transparently, without the need for passwords or extra steps. They receive encrypted email just like any other email.

For your recipients who do not have our email encryption services, ZixCorp provides secure, easy-to-use delivery and reply through ZixDirect and ZixPort. ZixDirect conveniently sends encrypted email directly into a recipient’s inbox through a “push” delivery method. ZixPort is a “pull” delivery method that provides a link to a secure portal, where the recipient can retrieve the message.

Additional Products for Secure Email

  • ZixAuditor — a comprehensive email assessment service that enables organizations to identify email vulnerabilities
  • ZixConnect — a managed Transport Layer Security (TLS) service that lets companies encrypt emails to send to multiple partners using a single TLS connection
  • ZixGateway Inbound —a proactive method of automatically scanning inbound email for unsecure protected health information (PHI) and identifying inbound vulnerabilities

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