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Pen Publishing Interactive Partners with ZixCorp
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ZixCorp and Pen Publishing Interactive Announce Partnership

ZixCorpPen Publishing Interactive, Inc. has announced that we have partnered with ZixCorp for encrypted email services.  ZixCorp is the leader with their suite of email encryption services.

We have worked with several of our customers whom are using the ZixCorp services so it was only natural that we would eventually partner.  Several customers are in the health care, financial and government industries and the need to meet new regulations has made the ZixCorp products very popular.  Since we are a provider of email services for most of our customers, these products fit comfortably within our product and services.

If you have a need to encrypt your email for HIPAA,  FFIEC or if your company works with the government, ZixCorp is the easy and automatic method to ensure you meet those standards.

ZixCorp  Best Method of Delivery

Article Tags: Email, Security
Every now and then it is worthwhile to take a look at how strong the passwords you use are. From time-to-time we get calls to re-set passwords that were forgotten and frequently those requests are to set a password to something easily guessed.
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Pen Publishing Interactive Partners with Zix Corporation. Pen Publishing Interactive Completes Security Offering with ZixCorp Secure Email Encryption Services