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DNS Support

DNS Support for IP/MX Record Modification - Only persons authorized to speak for this domain may request DNS/MX modifications. Any requested changes will be made after we have been able to verify the contact information.


Here you can find the very latest on computer viruses, Trojans and worms courtesy of Sophos Anti-Virus. Be sure to check here often to ensure that you are fully protected with the latest anti-virus updates.


We here at Pen Publishing are repeatedly asked many of the same kinds of questions. If you think your questions might be something we hear all the time, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page before giving us a call.

Email Setup

Find out how to set up your Pen Publishing hosted Email account using your favorite Email software.

Email Errors

Ever had an email error? Click here to learn how to understand email errors and to learn how to deal with them when you find them.

Visitor Information

Find out your IP address and other helpful information that might assist us in troubleshooting your support issues.

EMarketing Newsletter Manager

Support section for our eMarketing Newsletter Manager