Website Graphic Design & Programming in Wichita, Kansas since 1994

Introducing Wichita's most established web design and development firm

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When you start a web business in 1994, you’re bound to add a few services along the way. Early web design and development quickly led to web site hosting and email services. Then came e-newsletter programs and e-commerce shopping carts, followed by our proprietary Content Management System (CMS) FlipperSiteDeveloper®, currently powering over 180 web sites in Wichita, throughout Kansas, across the U.S. and abroad. And let’s not forget Pencryption, our exclusive email encryption security services popular with financial institutions, health care providers – anyone who understands the importance of securing sensitive and confidential information.

Today our clients are asking us for online marketing strategy, Pay-Per-Click advertising (Google AdWords), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media programs, and we’re glad to oblige.

Yes, we’ve been busy for the last 20 years (that’s got to be some sort of record for an internet company, doesn't it?). But never busy enough to meet someone new. So if you’d like to have a cup of coffee and talk about your business, we’d love to listen (warning: we tend to ask a lot of questions). Just choose your topic of interest, and we’ll get started. Because after almost two decades of the Internet, we’re just as hungry as ever to help our clients.