Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by 20-Year Web Pros

Optimizing for search engines is art + science

Lots of Wichita companies say they "do" SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Add to this challenge that almost one third of all small businesses receive an SEO solicitation every day, and there's plenty of opportunity for confusion.

We were doing SEO more than 20 years ago

As with any initiative, go with someone you know. Here's a short and helpful article on SEO 101: The Basics. Meanwhile, if you’d like to talk about the discipline of Search Engine Optimization, just give us a call. Or, drop us a note. Either way, we're here to help. Meanwhile, here are just a few examples of key search engine optimization tactics we address:

customers_icon.png Customer Analysis

  • Market (trade) brief: what's going on in your industry (trends, new entrant, regulations, etc.)
  • Business overview: what's going on with your business (e.g. new product intro, HR issues)
  • Company goals: what are your specific, measurable goals

analysis_icon.png Web Site Audit

  • Current performance: how is your site doing today
  • Liabilities & opportunities: what should it start doing, or do better
  • Planning for optimization: what's the Plan look like to accomplish this

frontend_icon.png Front-End

  • Keyword optimization: beyond the obvious; looking at competitive data, trends, etc.
  • Usability & navigation: the customer experience has to be responsive, predictable and intuitive
  • Marketing-driven content: not just a list of features, but relevant, compelling copy and art

backend_icon.png Back-End

  • Meta usage: incorporating search-engine friendly programs and content
  • Coding: ensuring your site is easy to find, read – and remember
  • Search-friendly architecture: how easy is it for Google’s spiders to traverse your site

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For many companies, it's difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. So here's a recent Blog on how to find a reliable SEO partner. Give it a read, and let us know what you think!