Social Media Management - Wichita, KS

Why social?

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. are here to stay. And while their early existence was purely "social," these channels now have endless potential to impact your business, their own way.

 pay per click

 pay per click

Facebook for Business

Why does this seemingly odd combination work so well? Facebook has combined the beauty of one-on-one relationships with the consumer’s innate desire to be part of a crowd.

So, your business can speak directly to an individual, and they can speak right back. Meanwhile, you can build relationships with throngs of brand loyalists, and invite even more to join. Try that with a television commercial or newspaper ad.

Twitter for Business

You might wonder how that blue little bird and all that buzz can ever translate into sales. Twitter, just like Facebook, Pinterest and any other social media channel, has its own marketing pros and cons. Need to disseminate an annual report to the media? No. Need to let customers know about today’s corned beef on rye special when their stomachs start growling around 10 a.m? Yes!

In short, don’t discount Twitter. Understand it first. Twitter may be perfect for your business. We can help you decide.

 pay per click

So, how does a business get started in social media?

Good question. At Pen, for instance, we start with your existing marketing program, because your brand strategy and position remain intact, regardless of the medium (yes, especially Social Media). This is where we start with every client, and every prospect, before we develop social media strategies and programs. (Don’t let words like "strategies" and "programs" sound like a burden. They’re fancy ways of saying we know what questions to ask, how to listen really, really well, and what to do with the answers.)

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Want to learn more about Social Media?

At Pen, most prospects qualify for our free Marketing Audit. Beginning with our own Pen-sponsored research data and analytics, we combine those brand-and-marketplace findings with a fairly intensive one-hour Discovery session at your office (or, ours, if you prefer to get away). So, click here to contact us, or call Eloy Mendoza, our director of marketing, at 316-651-0551. Eloy would love to meet you, and learn about what makes your business stand out (so we can help you stand out even more).