Wichita's Most Established Web Design Firm - Meet Pen Interactive

Building website marketing solutions in Wichita for more than two decades.

The Company

Founded in 1994, Pen Publishing Interactive provides web site development and design, proprietary content management systems (CMS), web site strategic planning, content development, encrypted email, and online marketing and advertising services such as Google pay-per-click, search engine optimization and Facebook social media management. We work primarily with small and medium businesses who demand more from their Internet presence, and realize the unique alue a veteran web services company can provide.

Our clients are located in Kansas, the Midwest, across the United States, and around the world, in multiple industries and markets. Our clients demand dependability with our applications, and expect us to stay current on the latest technologies while delivering stellar customer support. At Pen, we deliver on all of these requirements - every day.

The Strategy

The most overused term in marketing, "strategy" means something different to everyone. But without someone who can truly drill down into a client's business - with them in tow - and candidly reveal the true potential of a brand in an online environment, all you have is fancy gizmo technology lacking a purpose, and wasting your budget.

Before you’ve downed that first cup of coffee during brand marketing in wichita ksour initial meeting, you’ll sense how (and why) we’re different. We're quite unusual for Wichita in that we offer big agency strategic thinking with proven and unmatched web support.

Being only as good as the minds behind it, Pen clients realize our technical expertise is first grounded in strategy and development. Over the years we've become known for extremely customized solutions based on inherently unique client demands. This ability to deeply understand our client's business model separates us from the myriad of me-too "tech shops" splattered across the horizon.

The Security

To top it off, we don’t resell another companies' servers - we own and maintain our own servers. Though a cliché at times, our Data Center truly is state of the art, and located in Wichita, Kansas. Other companies are simply resellers of other hosting companies' servers, and are thus dependent on those companies' support services and reliability. And the Cloud? Yes, we're in it, and so are some of our customers who are household names not only in Wichita, but across the U.S. and globally.

Are you ready to put a Pen to it?

Give us a call at 316-651-0551 and ask for Eloy or Steve. Or, drop us a note. We'd love to learn about your business. And answer any questions you have about ours.