Pay Per Click (PPC) Google AdWords in Wichita Kansas
Pay Per Click (PPC) Google AdWords in Wichita Kansas

Pay Per Click advertising: fish where they're biting, and pay as you go.

Connect with your customers, before your competition. That’s Pay Per Click, from Pen.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising matches people searching for what you’re selling, when they're ready to buy. Your carefully-crafted ads, with keywords strategically chosen to attract clicks from prospects, can produce results almost immediately. And, PPC lets you pay-as-you go, letting you not only manage your budget, but maximize your investment as your ad schedule is continually managed for optimization by a Pen PPC expert.

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Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click provides real-time results data on your ad campaigns for ongoing monitoring and performance maximization.

How to start attracting new customers to your web site

As a small business, you need a Pay Per Click strategic expert that knows how to
get in the head of even the most  discriminating consumer and quickly put them at ease that they found just the right  product– your product. You need a Pay Per Click Strategist hat understands the importance of what goes into Quality Scores and Ad Positions. A Strategist that monitors Cost Per Click relative to keyword scenarios in order to optimize ad performance, and to maximize your already-nominal investment.

Truthfully, there are a lot of web shops that toss around the word “strategy” like a chest bump after a touchdown, but they earnestly don’t understand the discipline, let alone how marketing should be driving this incredibly dynamic channel also called Search. But, we do. And, we’re ready to show you, with a FREE Marketing Audit, conducted in concert with you.

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One of an endless array of analyses, compare creative performance from ad to ad.