Web Hosting & SSL Encryption By Wichita's Trusted Web Firm
Web Hosting & SSL Encryption By Wichita's Trusted Web Firm

Web hosting in Wichita - welcome to 25 years of trust

Wichita Microsoft Office 365 Silver Partner Most Wichita web hosting companies farm their hosting services to server farms. At Pen, we own and maintain ours, both locally and in Microsoft's Azure environment.

Most web hosting companies don't also manage email and its endless complexities. At Pen, we do. In fact, other local email providers come to us with their issues.

And finally, most web hosting companies in Wichita haven't been in business since 1992 (in fact, we're not sure anyone else was - at all). So, you could say we're just a little committed to web hosting and security. It's in a quarter century of our DNA.

Web hosting questions to ask yourself

  1. Google Security Blog How long have you known your web vendor?
  2. Is your website secure with SSL/TLS encryption?
  3. Do you even know who hosts your website?

If this got you thinking, good. Your website is your storefront, and it's deserving of as much security as your home front.

Let's make sure your website's secure, today and tomorrow.

Give us a call at 316-651-0551. We'd be glad to scope your site's security. And, you may be in great shape already, which would be wonderful. But if not, don't stay vulnerable to hackers another nanosecond.