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Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Shared Calendar Features We Love
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Microsoft Outlook isn't simply an email client. It's another powerful collaboration tool among the Microsoft Office 365 suite of apps. In addition to the powerful e-mail functionality we love, Microsoft Outlook includes a feature-rich calendar to help keep everyone organized with life and career events.

We've compiled a list of Office 365 Outlook shared calendar features we love.

Time Savings from Improved Communication

Efficient communication and time savings are important for all business teams. Shared calendar permissions in Outlook means team members no longer need to call, text or email each other to verify that all schedules allow for a meeting.

A calendar owner has five permission levels it can grant which are View When I'm Busy, View Titles and Locations, View All Details, and Edit. Once team members are granted access to a calendar they can easily view availability prior to creating a meeting and inviting team members to attend.

Beyond basic viewing privileges, delegated access allows team members calendar management privileges which can be upgraded or revoked at any time.

shared Microsoft Office 365 Outlook calendar permissions

Meeting Polls

What if you want to give team members a choice as to when and where to meet?  Microsoft Office 365 Outlook allows users to create a calendar poll, so team members may vote on which date and times they prefer. In the event all users vote for the same date and time, the meeting is automatically confirmed in all calendars.

Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Shared Calendar Polls

Suggested Event Locations

Adding an event location is now easier than ever. When drafting a meeting, Outlook will suggest recently used or nearby locations. To keep the day on track and running smoothly, Outlook for iOS uses current location, destination address and traffic reports to notify the user when it’s time to leave for the next meeting.

Office 365 Outlook email shared calendar poll

On the Go Management

Today’s business teams are mobile. That’s why Microsoft Office 365 Outlook syncs all shared calendars. Users can manage all calendars even when on the move. Changes made on mobile devices are synced across all devices keeping the team consistently updated.

Ready to take full advantage of Microsoft Office 365 Outlook? Browse available Microsoft Office 365 products in our online store. Need help deciding or have questions? We're ready to help. Give us a call at 316-651-0551.

Article Categories: BlogIcon_office Office 365, Articles and Blogs
Article Tags: Outlook
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Article Categories: Articles and Blogs, BlogIcon_office Office 365
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