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FlipperSD: How Much Traffic is Your Website Getting

Do You Know How Much Traffic Your Website is Getting?

Watch our short video
and learn how to connect FlipperSD's SEO Maximizer Basic with Google Analytics to give you an overview of your website traffic.

Once you have the SEO Maximizer Basic module connected to Google Analytics you will be able to login to your website and view:

  • Real time active users on your website
  • Metrics on how many users visited your website
  • How many session took place on your website
  • The average of how many pages user visited per session
  • The traffic percentage changes for users, sessions and average pages per session over the last 30 days
  • Website traffic charts for past week, month and year

Feature Friday
We live in a visual culture where images are becoming the “universal language”. The quality and number of product images make a bigger impact on buyers than product-specifics.