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How to Create a Starter Website with FlipperSD™ CMS

How to Create a Starter Website with FlipperSD™ CMS

FlipperSD™ CMS allows you to easily build a professional website. Create and manage all your content with the native page types of FlipperSD CMS™. The native page types allow you to create sections on your website that can include Google Maps, event calendars and full e-commerce capabilities plus more.

The video shows you how-to create a simple five page website using FlipperSD™ CMS.

You will learn how-to:

  • Create Pages
  • Add Images to a Page
  • Create a Form
  • Set Up a Geomap Page with Google Maps Integration
  • Create Links to Pages


Feature Friday
ssuing discount coupons is a great way to keep existing customers interested, promote new ranges of products and attract new buyers.

Learn how easy it is to set up coupon in FlipperSD™ e-commerce
Feature Friday
We live in a visual culture where images are becoming the “universal language”. The quality and number of product images make a bigger impact on buyers than product-specifics.