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Learn How to Create a Database and Database User in Plesk
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If your website incorporates custom data processing applications or is designed to generate web pages dynamically, you will probably need a database for storing and retrieving data. Watch our video to see how to create a database and database user in Plesk.

You can do the following with the Plesk database management tool:

  • Manually create a database for your site.
  • Manage database user accounts and set up access rules.
  • Make a database copy.
  • Export and import database dumps.
  • Move a database to another subscription or webspace.
  • Link a database to one of websites on your subscription.
  • Manage data with external database management tools, such as phpMyAdmin.
  • These operations are available in Websites & Domains tab > Databases.

Article Categories: Feature Friday Feature Friday
Feature Friday
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Feature Friday
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