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World Backup Day 2020

Why You Should Back Up Your Data

Are you regularly backing up your data? You should be. A backup is a separate copy of your photos, documents, website, and other important data. Backups allows you to restore your data when you need it. This keeps your files and information from disappearing forever.  

Why You Need Backup 

  • Computer and hardware failure 
  • File corruption 
  • Data deletion 
  • Hackers and cyber criminals can wipe and remove your data 
  • Stolen or lost devices 
  • Accidents and broken devices 

These events are common and happen regularly. It’s important to be prepared for the worst. What would you or your business lose forever if you didn't have backups? 

Backup Your Devices 

 back up your devices v2External Backup

Various backup methods are available for different devices. Look into your options and choose a backup method that is right for you. Many devices, including phones, laptops, and desktop computers, can be backed up using an external hard drive. Using this method, you'll be downloading a copy of your information and storing it on the external hard drive. Your extra copy of your information will come in handy if anything happens to your device(s). Limitations exist with this storage method because something may also happen to your external hard drive. (If a flood or fire destroyed your laptop it could also destroy your external hard drive). 


cloud storage (1)

Cloud Backup

You can also backup your data on the cloud. You can use iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Amazon Cloud Drive depending on the type of device you have and your personal preference. Some storage programs offer limited space, but extra storage can be purchased. 

Cloud Backup with Office 365

We recommend using Office 365 so you can utilize OneDrive for Business for data storage. OneDrive is available for both personal and business use depending on your Microsoft plan. Pen Publishing Interactive is a Microsoft Partner and can help you pick a Microsoft plan that suits your needs. Office 365 can simplify your business needs by giving you access to programs you need like Word, Excel, and more while also giving you access to the storage you need using OneDrive.Watch the video below to learn more about Office 365.



You can browse Pen Publishing Interactive's Microsoft plans here.

Website Backups are Important

If your website went down, how would it affect your business? Whether your website is service, information, or e-commerce focused, you rely on it for your business. Some CMS Platforms, such as WordPress, offer various types of backup. You can install various plugins to back up your website through WordPress or download your website data manually. Pen Publishing Interactive’s website hosting packages offer website backups at the control panel level, allowing you to schedule backups for many sites, all in one place. We understand how important it is to be able to retrieve your website data if anything goes wrong. Save yourself time and headaches and host your website with Pen Publishing Interactive.

Assess Your Personal and Business Needs

Celebrate World Backup Day by figuring out how to protect your important data. Take a minute today to examine your current backup practices and see if there's more you can do. Work with a professional when it comes to the programs and tools you utilize for your business. We would love to have a conversation with you about your business needs. Contact Pen Publishing Interactive to get started with Microsoft 365, website hosting, and more. 

Call us at 316.651.0551 or e-mail us at sales@penpublishing.com


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