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Creating a Birthday or Workiversary Calendar in Outlook for your Organization

How to Create a Birthday or Workiversary Calendar in Outlook 

Creating a birthday or workiversary calendar for your organization is easy to do in Outlook and a great way to make sure you aren’t missing important dates that deserve to be celebrated. Please note, this post tells you how to create a new calendar for members of your organization and share it within your organization. If you want to add birthdays for all of your contacts to your calendar, follow the steps outlined in the Microsoft Article Here.

Let’s Get Started Creating Your Calendar  

1. Add Calendar 

 Open your calendar in outlook. On the left-hand side of the screen, click the “Add Calendar” button.  

Click Add Calendar

2. Create Blank Calendar 

Select “Create Blank Calendar” to start making your Birthday and Workiversary calendar 

Create Blank Calendar

3. Choose Calendar Details 

Name the calendar, choose a color and charm, and either add it to “My Calendars” or “People’s Calendars” (either option will work). If you add it to “My Calendars”, that’s where it will show up for you but for others you share it with, it will show up under “People’s Calendars”.  

Choose Calendar Details

4. Create A Calendar Event 

Once the calendar is added go back to your calendar in Outlook to start adding birthdays and workiversaries! Double click on a date and a window will open for you to put your entry in.  

Add Event

5. Assign the Event to A Calendar  

Make sure to choose which calendar you want to add the event to 

Assign Event to a Calendar

6. Enter Your Event Details 

To title the event, make sure to toggle the “all day” button as this is going to be an annual occurrence on the calendar. Under Repeat, choose “every year”. You can even choose what day and time you would like a reminder as well as any other text to go along with the event. Then press save at the top left corner. 

Add Event Details

7. Check the Calendar 

Go back to your calendar and make sure the event was added correctly. Here you can see Joe’s birthday is added to the calendar and the circle arrows mean that it is a recurrent event! 

Check the calendar to make sure the event was added 

8. Share the Calendar with Others 

Share the calendar with your team. On the left side of the screen under “My Calendars” click the 3 dots and select “Sharing and Permissions” which will open a dialogue box for you to add others and control settings.  

Sharing and Permissions

9. Enter Contacts & Edit Permissions

Enter email addresses or contact names for team members you want to share the calendar with. You can also set permissions here and add or remove users as necessary.

Share the calendar with your team and assign permissions

10. Your birthday and workiversary calendar are now created and shared with your team! Happy celebrating!  

Your Calendar is Created

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