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Are you unprofessional? Untrustworthy? No? Does your e-mail and website's domain reflect that?
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Domains Start Everything

- Professional E-Mail

When you start a company, one of the first things you do is set-up e-mail. Free e-mail services are many but are they free? What are they costing you long term? Are your e-mails just being ignored? What would you do if MrRoboto180@gmail.com requested a meeting with you? Your impulse would be to delete or report the correspondence as spam.

E-mail addresses that use a custom domain communicate trust and professionalism. The person receiving the e-mail will take you more serious.

- Company Website

Does a website with an address of https://myfreedomainwebsite.neocities.org/ convey confidence? Not exactly.

A custom domain for your company website should be easy to remember and usually the same as your e-mail.

- Product Launch & Marketing

Are you going to a trade show to promote a new product? Use a custom domain that is specific to the event or product. For example, instead of using https://www.penpublishing.com/aboutpen/thepenblog/Domain-Registration-Renewal-Expiration-Explained_151733.aspx which would be the actual URL, you can register a custom domain such as http://kansasemarketing.com/ to send visitors to that specific URL and it would be easier to remember and to utilize in promotional materials.

For product launches and promotions use a custom domain to drive and track interest.

Article Categories: Articles and Blogs
Article Tags: Domains
Domain names are often registered and used for company websites and for e-mail addresses. Explore the basics of domain registration, renewal and expiration.
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