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Celebrate Earth Day with Pen Publishing Interactive and Microsoft 365
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Happy Earth Day from Pen Publishing Interactive

Go Green with Microsoft 365 Digital Business Solutions  

Use less paper with Microsoft 365 so your papers dont pile up

Small businesses often rack up a lot of paper usage, especially as the years go on. Would you believe us if we told you it didn’t have to be that way? This Earth Day, we’re going to tell you about how Microsoft 365 can help your business be greener going forward by switching to digital business solutions. Gone are the days of printing documents to give to your team members for review, printing that article you wanted to read later, or keeping filing cabinets full of documents. Save paper, save the planet, use Microsoft 365 to succeed for a greener future. 

Document Collaboration

You can now ‘red line’ documents digitally without the need to print them. Microsoft 365 provides the tools you need to edit a document collaboratively, in real time. Need to look at previous versions of a document? No problem. Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint provide version history where you can see and restore older versions of your files. Document collaboration is available on OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.  

File Storage

Your business no longer needs to have filing cabinets full of documents. Keep track of all your business documents using file storage on One Drive. Access your documents in the office, remotely, and across multiple devices. There are storage solutions available for any business size so you can pick the solutions that fit your needs. Need to share a document with someone outside your organization? No problem! Share documents, set permissions, and send a link, it is that easy.  

Remote Working Solutions

Microsoft 365 allows your business to cater to remote working needs as well. Even a few less trips to the office can help be a little greener when you consider the commute. There are times when you need to run back to the office – whether it’s to send an email or document or respond to a customer or coworker. However, using Microsoft 365, you can accomplish this using Teams, Remote Desktop, OneDrive, Outlook, or many of their other digital business solutions depending on your needs. Microsoft 365 helps create a fluidity between work environments because the modern workplace sometimes needs to move around.  

Microsoft’s Commitment to Sustainability

On top of the benefits to your business by doing more things digitally, you can feel good with the knowledge that Microsoft is dedicated to environmental responsibility. From operations, products, policy, and green energy, Microsoft is fully committed to a green future. Visit their website to learn more about their sustainability efforts. That’s a partnership you can feel good about.  

Let’s Get Started 

Ready to get started? View our Microsoft 365 plans or contact us today. We are ready to help answer your questions and recommend the best solution for your business needs.  

Article Tags: Microsoft, Microsoft Teams
Email is a great tool for your business, but it isn't designed for collaboration. Microsoft Teams is the collaboration hub your team needs to succeed.
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