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In Loving Memory of Karla Goewert

On August 16, 2023, our hearts were heavy as we said goodbye to a dear friend and colleague, Karla Goewert. Karla's journey with us at Pen Publishing Interactive, Inc. spanned an incredible 27 years, and she touched each of our lives in profound ways.

Karla first entered our Pen family as our son's babysitter, but her role quickly evolved as our company grew. She became the heartbeat of Pen, fearlessly taking on challenges, from email glitches to new technology, and always finding a way to navigate the complexities with grace, expertise and Skittles. 

However, Karla was much more than a skilled problem-solver; she was a constant source of laughter and joy within our office. Her jokes, wit, and playful pranks brightened our days without fail. Stickers and toys would mysteriously appear on our desks, and during December 2022, she surprised us by hiding miniature pink pigs throughout the office.

As a die-hard WSU Shocker Fan, Karla's enthusiasm on game days was unparalleled. When it was game day, she would come to work dressed in black and gold. She even had a little Shocker bear on her desk. Karla brought that same energy to our NCAA tournament challenges and lively Watch Parties.

Travel was Karla's passion. We'd gather, spellbound, as she recounted her escapades. From one of her European vacations, she brought wafer cookies for us. Sometimes, our conversations would meander to lake trips and the quest for the perfect margarita recipe, knitting us together through shared experiences.

And then there were her legendary homemade truffles – a Christmas tradition we eagerly looked forward to each year. Those little boxes of delight, complete with her flavor guide glued inside the box, were a testament to her thoughtfulness. 

In addition to her many talents, Karla was our living encyclopedia. She had a knack for addressing minor medical inquiries, offering culinary guidance, and effortlessly tackling intricate tech dilemmas. 

Karla's brilliance, warmth, and enduring friendship have left an indelible mark on Pen Publishing Interactive, Inc. As we remember and celebrate her, let's carry forward the spirit she brought to every facet of our lives. Here's to you, Karla – a cherished friend, a valued colleague, and an irreplaceable part of our journey.


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