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Measuring Social Media for Business? Hold the Metrics, Please!

So much has been written about Social Media’s role in small business marketing that most small business owners feel their eyes roll into the back of their head when they hear those words. Want to see them go ahead and keel over right where they stand? Ask them how they measure Social Media’s impact on their business. Yikes!

So instead of drowning in data, let’s take a lighthearted approach to measuring social media. Plus, it’ll be a lot more fun than a blog chock full of terms like “return on investment” and “cost per acquisition.” (we can tackle those another day)

Let’s use a simple analogy: You’re working in the back yard on a Saturday afternoon, and your neighbor, having seen a new sub shop open up just down the road, leans over the fence and asks if you know anything about it. You don’t, but a few of your coworkers ate there last week, so you share what they had to say. You also share that you’ve noticed the owner slapped a new coat of paint on the building, and that they change lunch specials every day on a fancy new sign out by the street.

Your neighbor now knows more about the new sub shop than they did before. And, it came from what your neighbor believes to be a credible, reliable source: referral. And by the way, it was free (and you got a break from spring gutter cleaning).

That’s what’s happening with Social Media – which is really a huge, powerful, and free (virtually) referral engine. Social Media lets customers and prospects vet a company, product, or service. Look under the hood. Kick the tires. Get a sneak peek, before they commit to trial – whether it’s a Reuben sandwich, a high-speed sander, or a shiny new SUV.

Consumers are savvy. They shop. They compare. They ask questions. And they listen to their gut. So when they come across a place where they know others are going to honestly share what they think about, for instance, the new sub shop just down the road, they’re going listen to those people share sincerely and honestly – and without holding anything back.Because isn’t that just what we all want as consumers: the scoop on what’s new?

So, if you’re a small business (consumer or commercial; it doesn’t matter) and want to stick your toe in the Social Media waters, or already have but aren’t certain how deep the water is, don’t overthink Social. Want to chat about how we’re helping other small businesses with Social? We’d love to (as long as we don’t have to clean out any gutters). Meanwhile, we’re headed down the road to the new sub shop. Today’s sign features a Reuben Special.

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