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What is SSL encryption, and does my website need it?
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Those three letters are getting more popular by the minute, and for good reason.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption is technology that creates a secure connection where it’s needed most – between your website visitor’s browser and your website’s server. This stretch of road is where the bad guys hijack data while it’s traveling, from credit card numbers and social security numbers to usernames and passwords. Simply put, any data that’s in a web transmission is vulnerable if it’s not encrypted with SSL.

As you might expect, e-commerce websites were the early adopters of SSL. Now, Google has essentially made SSL inevitable for all websites, announcing that all non-SSL sites transmitting credit cards or passwords will display “Not secure” in a visitor’s Chrome 57 browser location bar:


Unsecure Website without SSL Encryption

Yes, in red. Not good.

Website security, and then some

As if keeping your site, and your customer’s data, secure wasn’t important enough, there is another inherent benefit to SSL – brand trust. Seeing the padlock icon lets your site visitors know you care about their information and security. It elevates your brand, while always reminding customers and prospects alike that, not only did they land at the right website, but their data cannot be modified or intercepted.


SSL Certificates for Website Encryption


How do I get SSL for my website, and what does it cost?

Check with who’s hosting your website. They should be well versed on the topic of website SSL certificates. The key is that you trust your web host, just like you trust the company that installed and monitors your home security system. SSL certificates are likely to start around $70 a year - the best website security investment you’ll ever make - so don’t let budget get in the way.

If your site website doesn’t have the “s” in “https,” secure your website, and soon, with an SSL certificate. It’s the smartest 19 cents a day you’ll ever spend.

Article Tags: Security, SSL/TLS, SEO
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