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What is The Internet's Equivalent of the Old Phone Book Directories?
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I came home from a long day at work and there it was on the front step, right in the middle of my way. Instead of tripping or stepping on it, I picked up the printed phone directory, tossed it in the recycling bin and headed inside to make dinner. Sound familiar?

Every day people are turning to technology and search engines, not printed directories, for help on thousands of micro-moments in their life. They have very specific needs and high expectations. Thumbing through a phone book and hoping to, by chance, choose a reputable dentist or mechanic isn’t going to meet those needs.

Those search engines return various indexed pages and online business directory listings. A few of the most commonly known online directories include Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp! and TripAdvisor. The following is an overview of how businesses can utilize online directory listings to ensure accurate information is being presented to the user while promoting their business.

How Are Online Directories Used?

Any time a person uses a search engine to find a product or service your or your competitor's online directory listings is included in those search results. These online directories are additional organic channels that help enhance your online reputation and provide positive search engine links to your website.

Online Directory Listing and Their Effects on Business Reputation

The web empowers people to make educated decisions. Part of those educated decisions includes viewing the website, scanning through social media posts, and reading about others’ experiences. Were their experiences positive or negative? How did the business handle any negative customer experiences? Your online business reputation is far-reaching. Claimed online directory listings with photos, company logos, links to a website, social media content all aid in building your online reputation.

How Do Online Directory Listings Help with Google?

Online business directories help enhance Google and other search engines trust flow by crawling the web for accurate and consistent information. This applies to sources like phone directories, review sites like Yelp!, or your local business membership sites. Each claimed listing and each piece of consistent information, across all sources, build search engine trust and aids in ranking your business closer to the top of search results.

How Do You Check, Verify and Update Online Directory Listings?

It’s recommended that business owners begin by simply searching for their business by name. Additionally, search Google with keywords specific to your business and check to see if your business has an unclaimed listing or incorrect information. Those searches which also contain matches for your competitors can be relevant, helpful, and worth the time to claim and update.

You've Claimed Your Listing. Now What?

Once your listings are live they will need to be monitored for reviews and engagement. We understand online reputation management can be a daunting task. Contact us today so we can help ensure your online directory listings are up-to-date and you can maximize your valuable time as a business owner.

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