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FlipperSD: Learn How to Create and Set-Up a Form on Your Website

Easily Create Forms on Your Website

Whether you need a simple contact form or a complex job application form, watch this short video and learn how to easily create forms on your website.

FlipperSD's form feature allows you to:

  • Easily create text fields, drop downs, allow file uploads and other form field types
  • Set what fields should be required
  • Encrypt individual fields, for example, if you are requesting sensitive information
  • Set specific email address or addresses need to get notified when a form is submitted
  • Save form submissions to the website database
  • Export form submissions to a CSV file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel
  • Easily set robot protection to minimize spam submissions
  • Customize the auto reply e-mail template with your logo and a specific response to the person submitting the form

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