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April 2018 Newsletter

Responsive Web Design Series: Introduction to RWD

In the 90’s, websites were developed for large PC screens. But as tablet and mobile use came into use, that created a problem for older websites. How to get those web pages to scale down and be able to be viewed from a smaller screen.

In 2001, a fluid web page design was first developed for Audi.com and by late 2008, web designers were beginning to shift toward that method because of the flexibility it provided for small screen viewing. Then in 2010, Ethan Marcotte invented the term, Responsive Web Design (RWD) and the rest is history.

If you haven’t heard of Responsive Web Design (RWD), now is the time to learn about it. RWD is a design technique that allows website content to adapt to multiple devices' screen sizes. To test your website, click on the blue button below.

Does Your Website Use RWD? Learn How to Test Your Website's Use of RWD

The Positive Power of Twitter

During the month of March, there were many of us who were sneaking peeks at the NCAA basketball scores and our brackets at work. And who could blame us? There were some compelling stories coming out of the tournament. The University of Maryland-Baltimore Twitter Guy, Zach Seidel, became an overnight sensation as the Retrievers were beating the Virginia Cavaliers. At lightening speed, Zach had to come up with unique tweets throughout the game. He did it in a light hearted and creative manner. Zach brought positive awareness to the university.

To read Zach's interview with SB Nation, click on this link.  

Social Sharing: What's Your Story?

Social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram allow us to quickly communicate with our audience. For a business, this helps potential customers develop a relationship with you and offer a personal connection. Whether you have a new doohickey or want to give out a shout out to your favorite basketball team, tell your audience, what's new with your company.

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