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We are proud of what we've accomplished this year and are excited about the plans we have for 2018. Check out some of our highlights for 2017 and a sneak-peek of what we have coming in the first quarter of 2018.
We hope you’re staying warm this winter. Meanwhile, here are a few words for our valued Pen customers on how your customers are warming up to using their mobile devices to view your web site.
One of our clients called yesterday to tell us they were moving their web site hosting to a company that also offers online marketing services. When we told them we provide web graphic design and copywriting, search engine optimization, mobile sites, pay-per-click advertising and social media to a wide variety of our clients, it was a complete surprise. In fact, the client was disappointed they didn’t know, or they’d have “called us first.”
How do we answer one of the most frequent questions our customers ask us?
Website been on vacation too long? Send it to school.
Responsive Web Design Series: Introduction to RWD
Highlights from Our Year
Celebrating 25 Years! Pen Publishing Interactive is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year.
Our goal is to provide a higher quality service to all of our partners.
Learn about our team's summer gardening project, cycling event, certification achievements and other early Summer 2019 news!
With all of the technical jargon out there for email, domains and websites, do you sometimes feel like you are swimming with the sharks? We understand how difficult that can be. On our Pen website, we provide an online Knowledgebase of articles on topics including: Office 365, FlipperSD™, WordPress, and Plesk.
Chocolate Pie, Football and Feeling Thankful
We were hoping to sneak out for one last hooray on the lake. Then on my check-in call to the office, my staff informed me that it had snowed in Kansas. I know Kansas weather all too well, so I shouldn't have been surprised at this sudden change.
Welcome to the new decade!
Topsy-Turvey Times
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I can definitely tell it's Christmas, my house was flooded with the delicious smell of cookies last night...