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Snow Already?!?

We were hoping to sneak out for one last hooray on the lake. Then on my check-in call to the office, my staff informed me that it had snowed in Kansas. I know Kansas weather all too well, so I shouldn't have been surprised at this sudden change. But I was and Mother Nature followed me on vacation, ending any chance of a late fall boat ride.

Surprises happen. We usually find a way to adapt and move on. Lucky for me, my wife packed my winter coat. (Yes, I protested. I didn't think I needed it.) We discovered our silver lining on our wanderings through town. We found a local bakery whose apple tarts were a culinary delight.

When those surprises creep up in our tech world, it can be frustrating. Whether it's an email problem to my website went down, we can help you find those solutions.

Enjoy your fall and may you have only happy surprises!

-Steve Pendergraft
President, Pen Publishing Interactive, Inc.

From the Knowledgebase

Database Boo Boos!

Sometimes problems can occur in a database, such as broken tables and references, which might disrupt website functionality. In Plesk, users can try to solve some of these problems by using the Plesk Check and Repair feature.

For more features with the Plesk Database Management Tool, watch our video.

Securing WordPress

For our clients who have a WordPress website, handling security can sometimes be a challenge. We recommend using Plesk's WordPress Toolkit.

The program can give you a breakdown of potential vulnerabilities to your site and offers their best practice recommendations through an easy to use interface.


Featured Project: Pumpers Dancewear

When Pumper Dancewear's website went offline suddenly, Pen Publishing Interactive was recommend to them by a friend. Their website is a major component of their business and has over 2,000 products which consist of millions of attribute options.

With this in mind, we built their new website with the FlipperSD™ CMS platform. The e-commerce features allow their customers to securely place orders online, create wish lists and view order history. To see more about how the project turned out, visit our blog.

“We found a knowledgeable and responsive partner in Pen Publishing Interactive. The team did an amazing job understanding our online store requirements and were very collaborative throughout the process. Our only regret is that we wish we would have found Pen Publishing Interactive sooner.”
-Terri Arment, Pumpers Dancewear Owner.


Article Categories: Newsletters, Partner Showcase
Article Tags: Customer Stories
I can definitely tell it's Christmas, my house was flooded with the delicious smell of cookies last night...
Article Categories: Newsletters
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