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Winter 2020
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Hello 2020!

Welcome to the new decade! During this time of year, I am sure there are quite a few of us getting tax items ready and setting business goals for 2020. For me personally, I have also been reflecting on goals that my staff has achieved over the past decade. A few of our accomplishments included:

- Upgrading FlipperSD™, Pen's Proprietary CMS
- Partnering with Zix Encryption Mail Services
- Adding Microsoft Office 365 Products
- Developing the Customer Portal for our Clients
- Moving Pen's Data Center to Microsoft Azure Cloud

Our goals for 2020 will definitely include continuing to provide quality products and services to you. You have trusted us with your business needs for the past 25 years and if we can find better ways to do things, we will!

On behalf of my staff and I, best wishes for 2020!
-Steve Pendergraft
President, Pen Publishing Interactive, Inc.


Featured Project: Thomas University

Thomas University teamed up with Pen Publishing Interactive for the re-design of their website. The new website features a custom mobile responsive design that provides information to visitors about degree offerings, upcoming events, athletics, donation opportunities and university news. The website is hosted on its' own dedicated server in our secure Microsoft Azure Cloud environment and integrates with Salesforce CRM.

Learn more about the project by visiting our blog.

"We were looking for a trustworthy and experienced company to help us refresh our website. We found a great partner in Pen Publishing Interactive as they collaborated with us throughout the process. Our ideas, needs and requirements were listened to and our goal of having a more intuitive website was met.” - Susan B., Thomas University Vice President of Enrollment

Email Solutions

Are you looking to make changes in your email? Pen Publishing offers the following services for business class email:

-Microsoft Exchange Online
-Microsoft Office 365

Email Solutions

If you who need to move email from your current provider, Pen also offers email migration services. For more information, contact sales@penpublishing.com

For more tips on creating a business email address, check out our blog.

Business Tip Email


Going the Extra Mile

I've been fortunate and healthy enough to run in half-marathon races over the course of my life. It takes preparation, discipline and perseverance to finish a race. You can't fake your way through a race, either you've put in the work and gone the 'extra mile' or not, the results will tell the truth.

Working at Pen Publishing Interactive is similar. Our team works hard to learn new technologies and provide solutions to our partners. We know, like running a half-marathon, we can't fake our way through solving issues for our partners, we go the extra mile.

If you have a project you are looking to tackle this year and want help in finding solutions, contact me at sales@penpublishing.com and let's get started.
- Eloy Mendoza, Executive Director of Marketing




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I can definitely tell it's Christmas, my house was flooded with the delicious smell of cookies last night...
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