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Are You Embarrassed by Your Website?

So do you have a traditional website built using Dreamweaver or another type of desktop editing software?

You say you have heard of content management systems (CMS) but you do not think you need one. You keep your site current, right?

Did this happen to your company’s website:

  1. Build new cool site with Dreamweaver or FrontPage.
  2. Webmaster either leaves or is too busy to update site; or the person or company that built the site is no longer in business or will not return your calls.
  3. Contacts, products, or announcements are out of date on website.
  4. You are busy and think no one is using the site anyway.

Dog laying on laptop - are you proud of your website The truth is most new or potential customers will use the internet to research your company. It is harder than ever to get to speak to new prospects. Your website is usually the first impression of your company. Are you proud to send customers to your site? If a prospect contacts you and mentions to you that they checked out your website do you apologize? Are you concerned that potential new customers may be looking for your product or service, see your website and simply click on the next link instead of contacting you? What would you do if the roles were reversed, would you contact your company?

Today’s technology makes it much easier to keep your site up to date with current features that will give your company a good first impression. Just a few years ago the software to manage your site was installed on a desktop where the pages were built. The products were difficult to learn and took time to use. When updates were needed it was difficult to do.

  1. Does anyone remember how the site was configured?
  2. Where is the Dreamweaver/FrontPage software installed? What computer?
  3. Do I have a current version of my site?
  4. If I make an update will it break something?
  5. How can I add new pages or remove pages and not break links or navigation?
  6. I want to add new Web 2.0 features but how do I do that?
  7. Customers would like to have secured information, how do we setup and manage that?
  8. A new version of IE or Firefox is released and your site looks bad. Now what?

The good news is that technology has advanced and at the same time became affordable. Now modern software allows you to keep your website current and feature rich.

Our product, FlipperSiteDeveloper CMS is offered as a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) which means that we handle all of the software, patches and updates. To update your site you simply login to your site and use the online tools to make changes. You do not have to install anything on your computers. It is quick, easy and affordable. Once you sign up the site is ready for your information. The monthly fee includes Flipper hosting and updates so there is no annual renewal fee.

Whether your site has 10 pages or 1,000 pages, Flipper gives you the power to manage and update it in a matter of minutes. Your Flipper site can be up and running in less than a week, ready to take your business to the next level.

Imagine your website as a genuine marketing tool to generate business, making it easier for Internet search engines like Google and Yahoo to drive prospects to your site. Flipper is search engine friendly with built in features that you can manage yourself in an easy-to-use and intuitive work environment.

If you want to learn more about how you can improve marketing effectiveness and increase ROI, sign up for a quick demo.

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