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Fall 2014 Newsletter
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Question: How do we answer one of the most frequent questions 

our customers ask us?

Even after 20 years of web hosting and email management, not all our clients know we offer professional creative services. More and more though, they’re relying on us for web copywriting and graphic design. And search engine optimization. And social media. And brand strategy (we’re not your run-of-the-mill tech shop).

When it comes to your web site, go with who you know, and who already knows you.

You know us. But if you didn’t know we’re skilled in creating relevant and persuasive copy and graphic design, well, shame on us, and please take a look at our recent work. Then contact us. Or better yet, just call us at 316-651-0551, and let's get together. We'd like to learn more about your company. (How about over coffee?)

We look forward to hearing from you. Because maybe you, and your customers, deserve a new look for 2015.

Article Tags: Website Design
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