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Mail Server Updates Over The Next Two Weeks
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We will be updating all of our mail servers over the next two weeks.  New synchronization options have been added.  Webmail has the most changes including a more efficient interface.

We are excited to be able to bring these improvements to you and I am confident you will enjoy it as well.

I have highlighted many the major changes below.

New Navagation Bar

 Webmail Navagation Bar

New Message Notifications

With new messages notifications, users receive a notification that they’ve received a new message no matter which section of the interface they are viewing. Users can click on the notification to open the message or view the message from their inbox.

Improved Contact Sharing

Users can now download, save or send contact details in .CSV or vCard format, making it easy to share the email address or phone number of a friend or colleague in their SmarterMail address book.

Touch-and-go Functionality

Emailing a contact, mapping an address or adding an email address to your contacts list has never been easier. We introduced clickable addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for click-to-map, click-to-call and click-to-mail functionality in messages, contact details, calendar items, tasks and notes.

Improved synchronization

The update includes support for vCalendar 1.0, so users can download the latest version of the Funambol SyncML clients to sync their mailboxes with Outlook, Thunderbird and mobile devices.

Synchronization Center

To help users determine which desktop applications and mobile devices can be synced with SmarterMail, SmarterTools developed the synchronization center. When users access the synchronization center from the webmail interface, they’ll be able to see the available synchronization protocols for each application/device and view a list of their current sync connections. Email Sync Center 

Attachments View

The new attachments view makes searching for a file hassle-free by displaying all incoming and outgoing messages with attachments in a single location.

Improved Message Management

We now have built-in filters to help users view read messages, unread messages, replied to messages or forwarded messages with the click of the mouse. Plus, users can now forward multiple messages at once.

Enhanced signature options

Users with multiple signatures can now select the signature they want to use when composing a message. System administrators that want to enforce corporate governance across webmail and email clients can configure domain-wide or system-wide footers with disclaimer text or any other information that’s needed.

Password Compliance

The new update can help system administrators enforce password rules and increase the security of a user’s mailbox. Use the new password compliance report to identify accounts that don’t meet the specified password requirements and send them a request to change their passwords.

Password Retrieval

We have made it easier for users to regain access to their account when they forget their password with the new password retrieval option. When enabled, users that can’t remember their password will receive an email to their backup email address with instructions on resetting their password.

Improved Searching

The search function has been enhanced with a new indexing engine to return faster, more accurate results. Now users can find any message, appointment, attachment, contact, task, or note from anywhere in the interface.

Redesigned Webmail Interface

The new webmail interface is visually pleasing and focuses on improving the user experience by reducing the amount of time and number of clicks it takes to access mailbox data. In addition, the update includes dozens of UI enhancements, including smaller page sizes, less JavaScript, and more advanced interface rendering that help improve page load times.

CalDAV and CardDAV Support

The new version introduces support for CalDAV and CardDav, giving users with Mac, iPhone, iPad, and other clients that utilize the technology additional options for synchronizing contacts and calendars.

Follow-up Flagging

To help users easily identify email messages that need follow-up action by introducing  follow-up flagging. Emails marked for follow-up display a red flag icon within the message header and can be easily accessed from the special follow-ups view within webmail, ensuring that important emails can be identified at a glance.

Linked Tasks

Because email exchanges often result in new tasks, the update includes the ability to link a message to a task. Linked tasks display their start and due dates on calendars just like regular tasks do, but they're also available from a special linked tasks view. By linking emails and tasks together, users can ensure relevant communications regarding a task are always easily accessible and available.

Weather Forecast

Users in the United States can plan for outdoor events when they view 7-day weather forecast on their calendar, courtesy of the National Weather Service.

Auto-saved Email Addresses

Because most users send email to the same recipients, the server automatically pulls email addresses from the Sent Items folder and saves them separately from emails in the contacts list. These auto-saved email addresses are then used to auto-complete the To and Cc fields when applicable and can easily be deleted if necessary.

Enhanced Contacts View

Along with a totally redesigned contacts view, we also provide users with a list of the most recent messages, appointments, and attachments related to each contact in one, convenient location.

Free-Busy Scheduler and Availability Checking

The update includes two new features to help users schedule time to communicate and collaborate. With the free-busy scheduler, users can now note important events on their calendars without appearing as unavailable to meet at that time. Redesigned appointment invites include the option to check availability before accepting the invitation, ensuring users never double-book appointments again.

Improved Auto Complete Feature

Webmail Auto Complete Feature 

Article Categories: Announcements
Article Tags: Email
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