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Website Content Management System FlipperSD New Release and Features Now Available
FlipperSD Version 6 releases SEO and Google Analytics features

New FlipperSD Features Now Available!
Watch the videos in the playlist to get an overview of each newly released feature.

Introducing SEO Maximizer Basic

Integrated Google Analytics and Google Search Console Metrics Tool

We’ve developed SEO Maximizer Basic to allow website administrators to view their website’s data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console from within FlipperSD. No more going back and forth to Google platforms to see how your website is doing.

Once connected website administrators will be able to view:

  • Live Active Users on the Website
  • Number of Users
  • Number of Website Sessions
  • Avg. Pages Viewed Per Session

SEO Maximizer Basic includes dynamic metric graphs that provide users, website sessions and average pages viewed per session for the past week, month and year!

SEO Maximizer Basic is included with all FlipperSD websites!

If website administrators want more search engine data and tools to help rank their website higher, they can simply upgrade to SEO Maximizer Standard. The upgraded version includes on-page keyword analysis and recommendations for the specific page being analyzed plus the SEO Toolbin which allows for batch updating of page titles and meta descriptions.

URL Redirect Manager

404 Crawl Error Analyzer and 301 URL Redirect Tool with Google Search Console Integration

Do you know how many links on your website take visitors to 404 error pages? With the URL Redirect Manager, you can easily analyze all 404-page errors and where those links are coming from. You can then use the 301-redirect tool to send the traffic to the correct areas of your website.

By fixing your website’s 404 errors and using 301 redirects you are also improving your search engine optimization. The best part about the URL Redirect Manager is that you can accomplish all your URL fixes with a few clicks.

Enhanced Tagging

Use icons and keywords to tag articles, documents and images then showcase related content through out your site.

Tag articles, documents and images with the category they belong to plus add a descriptor tag to better organize content on your website. You can use icons in your tags which provide a great look and additional content recognition to visitors.

The enhanced tagging features provide website administrators the ability to show related content based on tag relativity. For example, if you have a blog article that discusses website security and another article about website encryption, you can tag both articles and then set them to be shown as related to visitors reading either article. Website administrators can also select the number of related articles they want to display.

Share Articles Across Multiple Articles Sections

Share articles posted on one articles section to other articles sections, no need to recreate posts.

Articles can also be shared across multiple article sections. Unlike other website content management systems, FlipperSD CMS, doesn’t limit the number of article sections or blogs to just one per site. In FlipperSD CMS you can have multiple blogs/articles sections under the same website.

For example, if you have a fuel pumps division and a meter division where each team handles their own website article content, if one team reads an article the other team wrote and believes it to be related to how it ties to their division, they can simply tag the articles and share them across blog/article section. This can create great synergy and maximizes exposure to other products each division’s customers may not be aware are available from the same company. Pretty cool!

Share Resources Across Micro or Child Websites

Share documents, images and graphics across multiple microsites.

Are you a franchise owner with multiple locations and websites for those locations but want to control brand integrity by providing approved images, graphics and documents to each franchisee? No problem! FlipperSD allows for resource sharing across multiple micro or child websites.

For example, if your website is burgerfranchise.com but you have locations across the country with websites such as burgerfranchisewichita.com, burgerfranchisehouston.com, etc. You can share images, graphics and documents to those location websites and control the quality of your brand plus provide the most recent materials to all franchise location websites. You don’t have to maintain files or update files in multiple hosting servers anymore. The micro or child websites can still add their own images and graphics but have franchise approved materials available.

What if you have a new product you are launching and bought the domain supercoolproduct.com but want to use the product images from your main website? No problem! You can buy a novelty domain, have a completely different design but pull images, graphics and specification sheets from the parent site. You can then have the same product ready to showcase on your parent website!

You can also utilize the shared resources to microsites for online advertisement campaigns and tradeshow specific promotions.

New Responsive Templates and Themes

Introduced four new responsive and modern website templates and themes

We’ve introduced four new mobile responsive website templates and themes for websites that need a simple design update. Choose from single, two and three-column designs with modern fonts and colors.

Custom SMTP Configuration for Form Emails

Send emails from your own mail servers.

You can now configure your own outgoing mail server settings within FlipperSD so when you send form auto-replies they send from your own mail server instead of the web server. By configuring these settings, you can significantly reduce emails from the site being caught in spam folders.

Simplified Support Ticket Submission and Knowledgebase Access

Added Support Link to Administration Navigation

Need help or have a question? Need to set-up website training? No problem! Click the ‘Support’ link within the FlipperSD administration navigation and submit a ticket or explore knowledgebase tutorials to get the most out of your website.

Other Back-End Improvements

  • Enhanced SVG Support
  • Reply-to E-mail field on forms to automatically pre-fill user submitted email in e-mail client reply-to field.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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