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Why You Should Create Your Own Custom Business Email Address and How to Get Started

Having a Professional Business Email Address Matters

Get Professional Business Class E-mail from Pen Publishing Interactive You’re starting your business and are getting ready to take a big leap of faith into the future. You need to create a business e-mail address. As a new business owner, you want to save a few bucks and are leaning towards creating an e-mail address that ends in @gmail, @yahoo or @outlook because, well those are free. But are they truly free? How are they costing you and your business in the long term?

In this article we will provide three reasons why you should create your professional business e-mail address utilizing your own custom domain and how to get started.

Custom Business E-Mail Addresses are Professional

Your e-mail address is an extension of your company. People pay attention to e-mail addresses and will see you and your company in a more professional manner when they see your e-mail address ends with the same domain as your website. JohnnyCache@gmail.com doesn’t seem like someone I want to do business with when compared to JohnnyCache@mycompany.com. You are a professional, be taken seriously.

Custom Business E-Mail Addresses are Trusted and Help your Brand

If you are sending ‘cold’ e-mails to prospects and they see the FROM e-mail address ends in @gmail, the first thing they will probably do is delete your e-mail message. People trust an e-mail that ends with a custom domain because they can research the company based on the e-mail domain address. A quick Google search will take them to your website where they can read more about your services. In this manner, professional e-mail addresses also help your company’s brand awareness initiatives.

Custom Business E-Mail Addresses are Portable and Give you Control

When you own your domain and use that domain to set-up professional business e-mail addresses for your company, you are in control. If your current e-mail hosting provider isn’t delivering your e-mails or you are not receiving e-mails, you can leave and get services elsewhere.  

What do I need to do to get my Professional, Custom Business Email set-up?

The first thing you need to do is purchase a domain, if you don’t already own one. Domain names are relatively inexpensive. Once you have your domain registered you will need to find an e-mail hosting provider and research the e-mail hosting services they offer. At Pen Publishing Interactive we offer .COM domains starting at $15/ first year and we have different professional, business class e-mail solutions which include the following:

All our e-mail plans can be utilized on Apple and Android smartphones and e-mail software such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird to name a few.

If you require e-mail migration from your current e-mail provider, we offer e-mail migration services as well.

Have Questions? Call us at 316.651.0551 or e-mail us at sales@penpublishing.com

From email name to custom domains, Pen Publishing Interactive is here to help keep your business email professional and secure.
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