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SmarterMail Releases Exciting New Features

September 2020 SmarterMail Updates & Improvements

Pen Publishing Interactive is proud to announce the newest update to our business class email platform, SmarterMail. The latest update to SmarterMail includes new features to promote collaboration, sharing, and productivity. These useful tools and applications have been added on to the features you already receive, such as easy usability, multi-device capabilities, and enhanced security. SmarterMail email is available for both individuals and businesses at a fraction of the competitor’s price. 

SmarterMail’s enhanced new features include:  

Additional Webmail Improvements

Another area with improved features is SmarterMail’s web client. The goal is to ensure that the SmarterMail webmail client is as effective, efficient, and powerful as any desktop email client on the market. With that in mind, the improvements include: 

  • Added the ability subscribe to external web calendars such as external holiday calendars, PTO calendars from HR services and more 
  • Added the ability to set 2 different autoresponders: one for other domain users and one for everyone else, allowing users to customize a message for co-workers and have a separate one from people outside your organization 
  • Added more context (right click) menu options to allow users to interact within areas with a simple right mouse click 
  • Improved dark theme – greater contrast and more consistent colors 
  • New toggle for switching between light and dark reading panes 
  • Improved tool tips and their presentation 
  • Better organization of settings for users and administrators 

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Pen Publishing Interactive Is Here to Help 

Here at Pen Publishing Interactive, we’re passionate about staying on top of the latest and greatest technology and features. We understand that technology is ever changing and are here to help keep you informed and up to date with product changes and features. If you’re currently using the SmarterMail platform and would like to learn more about these new features, visit our blog for articles on SmarterMail Improved Productivity Features, Group & Video Chat, and Two-Factor Authentication. If you have further questions or have any issues with these new features, you can reach out to our support team here.  

Business Class Email Through SmarterMail 

If you’re not currently a SmarterMail customer but would like to learn more, please contact us. Schedule a free consultation with our Director of Client Services to see how we can help your business collaborate, share, and succeed online! Whether your business needs email, hosting, website design, digital marketing services, or more, we’ve got all your online business solutions in one place.