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Late Summer 2019 Newsletter
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Ask, Ask, Ask, We Don't Bite!

With all of the technical jargon out there for email, domains, and websites, do you sometimes feel like you are swimming with the sharks? We understand how difficult that can be.

On our Pen website, we provide an online Knowledgebase of articles on topics including: Office 365, FlipperSD™, WordPress, and Plesk.

If you have more of a visual learning style, you can also view these topics on our Pen YouTube channel. When you become a subscriber, you will receive email updates for new content.

If you have questions about the lingo or what kinds of products or services you actually need, call us at (316) 651-0551 or email at support@penpublishing.com.

Stand Out In The Crowd

Do you have something new, that you want to introduce to your website audience? Consider using a subdomain. The subdomain attaches through the primary domain, and allows you to create another website alongside the primary website. 

These types of websites could highlight anything from an eCommerce store, a blog, or different landing pages for special new products or services. Because each website houses it's own unique content, that's a big plus for SEO. This will help your search engine rankings and drive a specific audience to your company's website.

Another plus for using a subdomain, a shorter URL. This makes it easier to remember as well. For example, blog.penpublishing.com redirects to penpublishing.com/aboutpen/thepenblog/

For more information on how the process works, email us at sales@penpublishing.com or watch our video on getting started.

Take a Walk

At the beginning of the summer, our office started a fitness challenge. The weekly goal was three 30 minute workouts or walks per week. With my schedule, it's sometimes hard to find the time, so I decided to start walking to lunch on a weekly basis. 

It's amazing how many details I have missed when I drove to lunch. Many small businesses, just like our own, continue to help build our community. This week, on my walk to lunch, I spotted a beautiful train mural painted on a fence. It's just one of the many things small businesses have contributed to our community and often times may not be acknowledged.

I've noticed walking has made a big difference in my well being. In addition to the positive health benefits, it also helps clear my mind. I encourage you to get out and take a weekly walk, explore the community you are helping build with your business.

-Steve Pendergraft
President, Pen Publishing Interactive, Inc.

Featured Project: Western State Bank

Western State Bank is a family-owned bank serving seven western Kansas communities. They wanted to update their website design and add an easier navigation system. Security was another key requirement as their customers needed to be able to access online banking features.

With this in mind, Pen built their new website with the FlipperSD™ CMS platform. In addition to the modern and responsive design for their website, Western State Bank product and service information is available both in English and Spanish. To see more about how the project turned out, visit our blog.

"We chose Pen Publishing Interactive for the development of our new website because of their experience and reputation in the industry," said Sarah Waller, Western State Bank Public Relations Director. "The team really listened to our needs and provided solutions through a collaborative process."

Do You Backup Your Website?

Remember that golden tech rule - save, save, save! For our clients using a Pen Publishing Interactive hosting plan, you can easily backup and restore your website using the Plesk Backup Manager.

To learn more about this feature, watch this video.

Summer Fun Fact

Did you know that there are over 1,200 varieties of watermelon in the world? Most people view watermelon as a fruit and that's true because its seeds can produce more plants. However, it is also considered a vegetable because it's a member of the gourd family. So, yes mom, I did eat a fruit and vegetable today!



Updating A Password For Office 365

For clients that are using Office 365, situations may occur where you will need to update your password either for yourself or as an administrator. We have developed a guide to take you through the steps. If you need further assistance, contact us at (316) 651-0551 or email at support@penpublishing.com.


Article Categories: Newsletters, Knowledge Base Knowledgebase
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Article Categories: Newsletters
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