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Website Content Management System Sneak Peek: FlipperSD
FlipperSD CMS

We're excited to announce that FlipperSiteDeveloper CMS is now flipperSD. For over 15 years flipperSD has powered hundreds of websites and the newest version is to be released in December 2018. Below is a sneak peek into the new features and functionality website administrators will have at their finger tips!

Introducing NEW SEO Maximizer Versions - FREE Basic Version and New Versions, Pro and ProPlus

FlipperSiteDeveloper CMS SEO Maximizer Basic Admin Analytics Charts


flipperSD 6 will have three new SEO Maximizer Versions in addition to the already popular SEO Maximizer Standard version currently available.

The versions are SEO Maximizer Basic, which is the FREE version that all flipperSD sites will get, SEO Maximizer Standard, currently available, and the new SEO Maximizer Pro and SEO Maximizer ProPlus

The Pro and ProPlus SEO Maximizer versions will have additional integration with live Google Analytics and Google Search Console Metrics Tools to help web administrators optimize web pages for search engines.

301 URL Redirect Manager Included in all flipperSD Websites



Do you know how many links on your website take visitors to 404 error pages? With the 301 URL Redirect Manager, you can easily analyze all 404-page errors and where those links are coming from. You can then use the 301-redirect tool to send the traffic to the correct areas of your website.

Enhanced Tagging

Use icons and keywords to tag articles, documents and images then showcase related content through out your site.

FlipperSD website hosting platform's enhanced keyword tagging feature

enhanced keyword tagging on FlipperSD web hosting platform


Share Articles Across Multiple Articles Sections

Share articles posted on one articles section to other articles sections, no need to recreate posts.

Unlike other website content management systems, flipperSD, doesn’t limit the number of article sections or blogs to just one per site. In flipperSD you can have multiple blogs/articles sections under the same website.

Share Resources Across Micro or Child Websites

Share documents, images and graphics across multiple micro sites.

Ability to share documents and photos on microsites via FlipperSD website hosting platform


New Responsive Templates and Themes

Introduced four new responsive and modern website templates and themes.

responsive website templates and themes with FlipperSD website hosting platform

Custom SMTP Configuration for Form Emails

Send emails from your own mail servers.

send emails from your own mail servers with FlipperSD website hosting platform

You can now configure your own outgoing mail server settings within flipperSD so when you send form auto-replies they send from your own mail server instead of the web server.

Simplified Support Ticket Submission and Knowledgebase Access

Now just a click away in the admin portal.

Other Back-End Improvements

  • Enhanced SVG Support
  • Reply-to E-mail field on forms to automatically pre-fill user submitted email in e-mail client reply-to field.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Stay tuned as there are more details to come including video tutorials!

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