Responsive Web Design in Wichita Kansas
Responsive Web Design in Wichita Kansas

Do you consider your website a mobile website?

Most  "mobile" websites just shrink-to-fit desktop content. But there's more to it than that. And, less.


Don't settle for just a responsive mobile website

Some web developers create a completely separate site, which requires also having to manage that separate website. Others simply let your browser window "squeeze" your existing content. Neither are a satisfactory solution, and certainly not the one your customers will expect on their mobile device.

Now, you can get the best of both worlds, in the same Content Management System. Our Hybrid Responsive CMS automatically integrates the two disciplines:
- Adaptive knows what device you're using, and "points" you to the appropriate
version of the website.
- Responsive "scales" your experience based on your browser's window

Here's a little more on Adaptive vs. Responsive design.

Manage both mobile and desktop, from one control panel

From the same CMS dashboard, you can make changes that occur on both your desktop and mobile web site versions! This makes it incredibly easy to have a mobile version of your website up and running in no time. Save yourself the hassle and let Flipper do the heavy lifting.


Put your best face forward, regardless of screen size. Pen’s “hybrid mobile” design combines Response and Adaptive programming. So rather than simply shrinking and squeezing desktop content, our mobile design reads the device your customer is using, then tastefully reconfigures your brand so it looks great, every time.

Key mobile features

  • Manage both mobile and desktop from a single platform
  • Create mobile-specific CSS for multi-device design flexibility
  • Control what pages are accessible (and aren't) on mobile devices
  • Create a mobile-only homepage, and develop mobile-specific pages
  • Device Detection always shows the device-friendly version
  • Map-based services location detection is integrated for smart phones
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