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What would you or your business lose forever if you didn't have backups? Celebrate World Backup Day by figuring out how to protect your important data. Take a minute today to examine your current backup practices and see if there's more you can do. Work with a professional when it comes to the programs and tools you utilize for your business.
Viruses, both human and cyber, are a constant threat. Cyber criminals are capitalizing on the excitement surrounding the coronavirus with malicious online attacks. Read our post to find out more about these attacks and how you can keep your computer and your information safe.
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FlipperSD CMS
Your e-commerce website goes down and you can't contact your freelance 'team' for help. After some time your website runs again. You've decided this can't happen again. Revenue loss and frustrating your customers is not an option.
Feature Friday
We've all been to online meetings where the connection drops and audio issues happen. Frustration sets in and productivity goes out the door. And all you wanted to do was login, see the presenters screen and meet.
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Custom domains are the start of everything from professional emails, company website and promotional product micro sites. Learn more about why everything starts with your own custom domain.
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Welcome to the new decade!
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